I am currently working on a cathedral. The arches are very difficult.
Especially when modelling curved arches that curve inwards with a specified degree for each arch. And arches inside arches, which, again curves inwards, forming one big arch, the Apse. I am now moving on to the Transept.

My goal is to build a city, which I call “Blendstadt”.

The church will be a mix of Ribe and Roskilde Cathedral.

(updated renders)


Looks good. obviously lots more work ahead but I can see were you are going with it.

I don’t think the shingles on the curved part of the roof are unwrapped correctly. The horizontal lines should be aligned with the ledge, instead of this half-curve intersecting it.

Good work on the arches, it must have been a ton of work!

Yes. That is my problem. I don’t have a clue on how to unwrap my roof. I tried making seams and tried EVERYTHING nothing works!

Post it (textures included), and I’ll give it a look.

Not even near photo realism, but the cathedral is intended to stay in the background of a more detailed old town.

What is your opinion of this?


Very impressive!

Ok, so I did a little update (turned out to be quite a big deal actually) to improve my textures and my arches.

Please let me know what you think about my arch-works.