Occupation of spare time, production time 4h 42m.
Render passes in 1000 Cycles.
1 hour.

nice…color effect…and feel…

wow great !!!

This is really cool!

This is a curious kitty. But there is nothing outside that window. :smiley:

very fine ))

And a thank you to the Blender Diplom for texture of the cat.

This is perfect in so many ways, I like the mood, composition, modelling, lighting, texturing, composition… Really appealing, I always like to see when art take us further, truly inspiring.

Excellent work in terms of atmospherics and mood, you can think of it as perhaps the cat is in some wooden pipe and blocked from freedom from the massive window.

That’s the thing that would make more sense for me since it would be extremely rare for even an attic to have a window that size (or that is the smallest kitten I’ve ever seen).