Catlike character

Just something quick, a mixture of cat and hamster, tried to keep it low poly, without the subsurf is around 1200 verts

I love this dude! I also like how you decided to present it as a traditional turnaround. Only crit I have is, that I would think he would look even better with short fur.

thats pretty cool -
i think the chest looks a bit stretched from the side though ?

very cool character! i like the style :slight_smile:

Nice work! I especially like the lighting. How’d you get that lighter edge on the character?

It would make a good stuffed toy if it had fuzzy fur. Although staring into those eyes is kind of creepy.

Cute butt! (being secure in my masculinity, I can say that, right?) Needs a tail… :slight_smile:

Gonna animate him? Would look cool doing the “Scratch from Ice Age” thing…

Thanks for the comments, about the fur, i tried with particles but it slowed down blender alot and i mean alot, the plugins like fiber or beast increases the poly amounts alot, and doing it in photoshop would only worked for stills, so im out of ideas, Pixel Sage, that glowy is with a blend sphere texture mapped only in Z, set as emit, ill try to animate it as soon as they release the new version of blender :smiley:

Its only a procedural texture? The outer glow seems to depend on the camera angle. I can’t seem to duplicate the effect with a blend texture in sphere, mapped only to Z…

Great character.

Proportions look a bit off which makes it look out of balance. Doesn’t look stable on it’s feet is what I mean here.


I think your character looks very nice :slight_smile:
Keep up the good work!