here is the final picture
the mesh has a few bad parts, that’s why there is some little black points
in the fur.
( I realized the importance to have a very clean mesh after
i had finished my cat ) :frowning:

Which one do you prefer ? the lighter or the darker one ?

:slight_smile: Fmurr


Dark one. Between fur there is more shadow, thus the darker one is more realistic in my eyes.

the model is very nicely done, especially the head looks great, but you should try to improve the lighting. maybe try some nice rim light from the left side and give the lights some more strong colours.


lol i cant tell the difference

definately the left one its a bit softer and looks more realistic.

wow! i like that alot! could u tell how u made the fur? its awesome! :smiley:

Hi artist,
Thanks for comments :slight_smile:
the fur is made with particles and a simple non transparent procedural material
that’s all (i will post the material i used)

Regards Fmurr

Hi everybody,
another trial with Mister BrianH’s library .
I tried to adapt the tabbycat coat he gave.
not that bad i think :stuck_out_tongue: , just a few things to improve
on the back legs.

Regards , Fmurr