Catmull-Clark after Armature Creation

Hi all! I’m a noob to Blender (and love it)… Anyway, I have a model, but turned off the Catmull-Clark modifier while I built the armature ( I wanted the cage vertices to be very clear while I built the skeleton ). Now that I’m done with the armature, I want to turn the Catmull-Clark back on again. The problem is, I go out to object mode, and select my model. I then click on edit mode where my modifiers panel would normally be. The problem is, it isn’t there. The only interfaces I see are for the armature, not the mesh. Any ideas?

Thank you!

<edit>PS: forgot to mention, I haven’t skinned the mesh to the armature yet… does that make a difference?

you are shure you left the pose/amature mode?

select object mode manually than you will see the mod. stack as well.

Then your Armature is still the Active Object. Ctrl-Tab to get into Object mode on the Armature then Select the Mesh. (You can do it while in Pose mode but I’m telling you the Safe-Mode routine).


Wow!! Fast replies… I’m making sure that I’m in object mode in both the panels and the 3D window menu (at the bottom of the 3d window), but still nothing. I deselect all ‘A_KEY’ , and then box select just a section of the mesh (careful not to boxselect the bones), and the go into edit mode… Still I don’t get the modifiers panel. I get the constraints window, animsettings, and draw panel in one window, and link / materials, armature bones, and armature panel on the second. I am making sure to deselect EVERYTHING, but still cant seem to bring it up :frowning:

Ahhh… found it. Although I think it must have been a minor ‘glitch’. When in object mode, I right clicked on the mesh (vs box selecting it) and ‘moved’ it a little, and suddenly the mod stack popped up. Don’t know why it didn’t do when I box selected, because I tried to reproduce the error but couldn’t seem to… Thank you for your help though… Much appreciated :slight_smile:

There is a difference between Selected elements and Active elements. Box Select only selects, RMB and Shft-RMB select and the last selected will be the Active. So, if you RMB-Select a single bone/object/face/vert etc and then Box-Select the rest, the single one that you RMB-Selected will still be the Active one.


Excellent… Thank you for the clarification.