You know what today is?

Yup, that’s right. Anyone else?

The cats will be arriving in about 2 minutes. Hide your small children, mice, or 56k connections.">1164055437975.jpg

enough pics?

“asian cat approve of this.” LOOL

That kept me entertained… IT’S CATURDAY BITCHES! lol

wow valarking,
i see you had nothing to do for an hour…:spin:

Make that all day and you’re right.

I filled up the rest of the time trying to 5-star Psychobilly Freakout and Misirlou on Expert on Guitar Hero 2. No success. :frowning:

I got a 4 day weekend and I’ve already done everything I was planning to this weekend. Homework time tommorow, I think.

How long does it actually take you to post all these cat pictures?
Doesn’t the repetetiveness kill you?

Clearly not getting laid this weekend…

Here’s one of mine, looking at a pidgeon.
And here’s a vidoe of him.

changed the title, but wtf. get a hobby.


That was gold.

Took about 5-10 minutes. And yes, no getting laid for me this weekend. Oh well, temporary times inbetween girlfriends are nice because you have money and time again but because because well… You have time again.

Dammit, you’re messing with my VISION! :frowning:

Ditto, that was a great one!

Here’s some dancin’ cats to add to the collection:

I don’t like cats but these images are pretty cool and I love the kittens. awww