Catwoman Statue Finished!

Hi everyone!
I am very happy to share here with this community my personal project finished, my catwoman statue! There is a lot of images and also you can see my concept art, my start point. Well, I put a lot of effort and time but I am very happy with the result! I hope you like it too!


Congratulations MAN!! I didn´t know you sculpted as well! Loved the details!
Is this all blender? why no wireframe capture?

Thanks David!..Blender help me with the hard surface and general blockout of the piece. Also I use Blender to render. The model is just decimated for now, the purpose maybe one day to printed!

Great work!

Thanks Julperado!

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That’s pretty cool! Great sculpt work!

Wow nice, work…

Thanks Ahuri!

Thanks BuildJordon!