A little project I did in my free time for messing around in blender 2.8 Eevee. I’m really amped for 2.8!

Its an old model I made a few years ago, never finished it. Was supposed to be more stylized/cartoony, but I ended up with a more sci-fi/crysis nanosuit look with some semi realistic textures for eevee.

I did all the texturing in blender 2.79 with texture painting, baked bump maps from geometry for decals and tilable textures and used cycles nodes to mix everything together and finally baked it down to 4k maps for pbr shading.

Usually I would add more mesh detail to give more depth to some of the areas like knees or elbow pieces but I was lazy and wanted to get it done to preview the result in eevee asap :stuck_out_tongue:


this is so astunishing, man awesome results for on old model,
can you show the wireframe for her, and how you add this hardsurface modling on her sute
if you dont mind

Hey thanx man. I show the wireframe and some behind the scenes texturing in the youtube video :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


great, :slight_smile:

@_Nova This is incredibly realistic! I am deeply impressed! Where can I find other artwork by you?

BTW The user interface looks weird, what version of Blender did you use? There are so many orange highlights!

Thanx you! I used blender 2.79 and 2.8 for this. You can find some other stuffs I made on artstation: :star:

I have to say this is professional level. I think my favorite part was her eyes. They have a “Cat Eye” appearance. I am definitely more interested in your node and texturing workflow inside of Blender. Any insights would be great. Nice work.

VEEEEEERRYYY High level just mind blowing !

Thank you!! A lot of ppl is asking about my node setups and that I should make a tutorial on it but I have other things keeping me busy at the moment. I did however add a link to the cycles node setup file in the youtube video discription. Maybe that will help a little for the meantime.

Just a headsup, my nodes are a bit messy and the outputs only give maps thats good enough as a base for each of the textures. I did some value tweaks in photoshop afterwards to get the final diffuse, metal, roughness and normal maps

This is amazing! :astonished: