Caught playing with sex dolls

My latest animations on Spaceballs.

Also my previous spaceball animation, surrounded by assholes

First video was good, but the second one kind of dropped the ball on the punchline. Had you pointed the camera at the men who answered “Lord Helmet’s” question, it would have made a bigger impact.

I think as a standalone, Xero may be right, but as maybe a snippit from a tv show or something, the naturalism would be fitting

Keep at it, works great! Not showing the crowd saves time and is a technique that has been employed by even those with a budget. The PBS series “I, CLaudius” comes to mind as an example. Highly recommend watching that, it is fitting with these animations. Plus, when Brian Love’s character dies and he just keeps staring unblinking into the camera, amazing!~

Thankyou all for your comments!!

Hello Harry, thank you for the new address. I visited the Sex Dolls, Sex Shop today. You’re right, almost all products on the homepage are reduced. On page Sex Dolls, it is up to 80%. I would care if the prices stay down forever.