Causes of Mouse Over bug?

I’ve noticed that when using mouse over scripts on Armatured objects, only certain parts of the mesh will respond to the cursor. Static objects always work perfectly, so I’m guessing this is a problem with the mesh being deformed.

Does anyone know why this is so, and if there is a way to fix the problem?

As I workaround I’m thinking of parenting an invisible cube to the object, which completely engulfs it. Then that can be used to catch the mouse cursor instead of the animated mesh. This method does have one or two downsides though…

that is a good idea in general

iirc the mousover sensor esentially has a ray cast to collision faces, probably the same way as a ray sensor [it can only run into collision faces]. Armatures deformed objects don’t work the same as other [non-deforming] collision meshes, and I seem to remember something about them not working [perhaps it simply is that the collision mesh isn’t deformed?]

Yep, the physics mesh is never updated…