Caustic Room (update Aug. 24)

Im just learning caustics so I made my own version of the picture at

I REALLY enjoy working with caustics. Next im going to redo almost all of my own scenes and incorporate caustics in them some how.

Hope you enjoy this picture because it takes a few hours to render. lol.

C&C greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance and enjoy.


Once my retinas grow back I’ll be able to leave better C&C :slight_smile:

It looks very good, my favourite bit is the glass block on the right. Is pretty bright though in some areas (could just be my monitor, but I don’t thinkso).

Thank you Lupus.

It is meant to be bright. The yellow/golden things along the wall are set all the way up on emit. Along with the cornell box on the roof. Im working on an update and ill post it in the morning after the render is done.

Nice, very bright as well :o

Ok update!

I changed the texture on one of the cubes and it seemed to cause the red ball to reflect light onto the roof. Which is kewl because of the blue reflection on the other side.


Should I keep it bright? Or tone it down a bit?

I noticed the quality is a little low.

It would be nice to have a lot less contrast in the image, because it hurts my eyes just thinking about it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well atleast I know that my scene does what I wanted it to do.
I meant for it to be very busy yet simple.

About the quality:
-Im using the Full preset render size
-Also it is set on 90 quality

What should I change to better the quality?

The quality slider merely affects the quality of the file saved, not the render. What quality of GI are you using? Best is obviously…best. The more photons the better, but the longer the rendertime. It looks like you’re using QMC, which is cool, but it does seem to give a bit more of a “blobby” caustic look.

I’d recommend pulling in onto the whole scene quite a bit. It is huge right now, while the focus should really be the smaller part of the room with the stuff in it. I think the colors are fine - if they’re what you’re going for - but the vastness of the room is not.

Keep it up. I I like.

The second render looks a bit better with the more visible cubes, and the reason for the light on the roof is because the color black absorbs everything and would only be realistic if it didn’t reflect anything back.

Sry to bring back this topic and all but I havent been on my computer since friday so i wanted to add this update.

Moved camera in closer. The cornell light up at the top seems to have some weird funky thing going on.

C&C Greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance.

I turned the index of refraction down on the taller cube.

Which do you think is better?

i think the cube the latter render is better, the taller cube with lower index of refraction is the better one,