Caustic troubles with light probes

Alright I am doing a simple HDRI render here. Here are my settings

And here is my result
What am I doing wrong here?

What were you hoping for?
This looks like a nice HDRI to me.

I am trying to get caustics on the inside of the ring.

Try these settings:

Turn off the he photons in render options this has notting to do with the photons for the caustic light.

Then for you photonlight settings:
Angle: as small as possible
Photons: 300.000
search: 250
depth: 2 (with transparancy use more)
blur: 0.050

3Dre i tried it with your settings and I got this
Maybe it’s the material on my ring.

I don’t now if it’s still like this, but earlier you had to give the reflective material an IOR different from 1. Try around 3.
Hope it helps.

I got it! It was the IOR settings. Thanks :smiley:
How do i clean up the caustics

you’ll need to turn up the amount of photons, also turn on QMC

Thanks for the tips.
I feel like the caustics are leaking under the ring even though the plane and the ring are intersecting. Suggestions on how to dix the problem.