Caustics, flares, optics

Hello, i’m trying to find a way to create visual effects such as caustics, sun dogs, halos…

I have ideas on collecting references, but i’m not very sure how to make them animate…

Is there a though process for it?

I find this tutorial using yafaray and blender

These effects are not easy (or even possible) in cycles. Caustics are supported but can be very grainy due to the fact that Cycles is a single direction path tracer.

Effects like sundogs are impossible to simulate accurately since these effects are caused by complex interactions between light and water droplet/ice crystals in the atmosphere and depend on size, shape, orientation etc. They also require refractive dispersion which can only be simulated crudely within cycles since cycles is not a spectral renderer.

There are some discussions around volumetric dispersion here:

…but cycles doesn’t (currently) handle it very well. Not a criticism of Cycles - it was never designed to handle complex physical simulations like this. I’m not even sure some of the more complex spectral renderers like Octane, LuxRender or Mitsuba can accurately recreate complex atmospheric effects like you are trying to achieve.