Caustics for Cycles - NOT MNEE

Blender reflective and refractive caustics shader.
If you make some cool animation, please, post it here.
Or If there is anyone that can adjust the shader and make it better, please post it here :slight_smile:

reflective-refractive.blend (4.1 MB)


This looks really cool! Is it designed to work with old Cycles as well, or just CyclesX?

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Every Cycles works.


looks amazing… thks

has you some water caustic’s example scene?

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water.blend (2.4 MB)
Here you are.


Thank you… works really nice with mesh deformation,

but I can’t to do it work with bump deform (deform channel).

Edit: Sorry… add deform = 1 works… :slight_smile:


The shader inside volumes:


Hi Alexander,

This is GREAT and AMAZING!!! You make our life come easily!!
Could you please give us more explanation about the setting of the node…like what is what? the “Focus Adj”

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It gives a different focus zone. Useful for round objects, where the focus point is very near, but we want more ''lazy" caustic. A little bit like IOR. It is for some kind of fine tuning.
Attenuation - how much fade effect. This is where the effect fades - the distance from the lamp in units.
Add deform - for artistic caustic distortion.


How standard roughness change the look of the caustics:


Wow this solution is awesome, thanks for sharing this,

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i love u man


How to use 2 or more lights with the shader?


The effect in volumes is amazing, i tried to put a cube with principled volumes in your reflective refractive scene i see the volume light and volume shadows but not volume caustics,maybe there is a step that i lost?

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volume.blend (2.4 MB)
Here is the volumetric scene:


Thanks a lot for the file

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Wow, just saw this now - it looks STUNNING!!! :star_struck:
Can’t wait to try it, as soon as I find some time.

Thanks a lot Alexander!!!

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How do I set them up after I “Add shader” them to the glass and use the light as object coordinates? Do I need to checkmark or change any more settings? Because I don’t know how to setup the refraction caustics…

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Holy hell, you did it dude

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Wait, I figured it out. I had “refractive caustics” checkbox turned off. I didn’t know the shader actually used them instead of just faking them :sweat_smile:
Now I’ve turned it on, and it works.

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