how do i do caustics? when i follow one of the tutorials around here (by Prince i think) blender/yafray crashes, i’m using yafray for windows 0.0.7
anyone have a tutorial, or any other meathods for caustics? everyone else can do it… :frowning:

well, i haven’t seen the tutorial, and i’m not sure why youre crashing, but i have a tidbit of advice on caustics in general. i also had a rough time with them, and the main thing that did it for me was simply to crank up the energy on the photon lamp. made all the difference.

there’s the tut. if it does anyone any good.

what is the min. requirments to do caustics (options and object needed)

All you really need are two objects, and one light. Something to make caustics, and something to recieve… If it’s not showing up, more photons will always help, and perhaps increase the radius or mix rate…
As far as it crashing, are you using yafray as a plugin, or is it exporting? For me, if I try to export then render it will crash… Make sure the xml button is unselected…
Oh yeah, if you’re doing refractive caustics, make sure you have the depth on raytrans set as high as it will go (10), and make sure the ray depth for yafray is high enough…

im using plugin, xml is unselected

I can’t seem to get things transparent in Yafray, I have to set the alpha lower, I can’t use Ray Transp or ZTransp, is there a way to use those?

To render transparent materials, I set the alpha to zero and enable both RayMir and RayTransp. It usually works for me.

Okay, nothing even renders transparent, I thought it was, but it was just because I had RayMir on, it’s just a reflection that makes it look transparent, how do I actually make something transparent?

check out

just have one object that is raymir and raytrans
then duplicate ur lamp change it into a photon lamp
turn up search to +_ 100 and depth to 16

ull notice little white dots if quality isn’t high enuf
otherwise search the forum

good luck it takes a while to render :smiley: