caustics in yafray - how?

the new blender release looks great. i especially like the weighted edges, lscm unwrapping and extra scripts (klopuils is a great addition!).

the fact that yafray is better integrated and apparently faster is also fantastic. can anyone post a few quick steps to create caustics with a cube and a plane using yafray?


Check the bottom page:

In the .blend there you will see a light and a mesh on a plane. There are actually two light at the same place. The main thing is the photon light because it is the one that produce the caustic, the other light just produce the main illumination and shadow. Also check the material and the yafray setting because they need some specefic setting.

You need a photon light, it’s that that’s responsible for caustics.

thanks for the pointers. i see a wkend of experiementing ahead!