Caustics problem (shot glass)

I’ve search the forum before you even ask, and I did follow a very old tutorial. So now it’s come to this. For some reason I cannot get a crystal clear refraction on the floor. I did increase the photons from 200k to 400k and almost doubled the search. It did a little better, but I’m concerned if I up the photons again, it’s gonna take a horrendous time to render, is there another way?

Here’s all my settings.
Also, why isn’t my floor texture showing up?


No replys :frowning: cmon plz I gotta get this finished today. (Begging, sorry!)


I’m guessing you’ve got a bump map on your glass - that will affect your caustics because you’ve not set No Bump. I think your caustics look pretty realistic. If you’ve not got a bump map I’m not sure what’s causing them to not be regular.

Make sure your image texture is in the right format - YafRay only recognises TGAs, JPEGs (and EXRs and HDR/PICs).

Hope this helps.

Nah, i don’t have a bump on the glass, any other ideas? I will look into the texture though for the floor.


Hmm, if it’s not a bump map, do you have a bumpy mesh? Looking at the refractions there seems to be some irregularity - the result of some funky subsurfing? To be honest, I think it makes it look much more realistic than if it was completely smooth, but it depends on the look you’re going for. I can’t see anything wrong with your settings so my only guess is that the glass is a little bit bumpy. I guess I can’t really be much help!

TURN THE PHOTON BLUR UP, around .2. That’s the simple answer, your photons are currently too clean.

The mest is a subsurf’d mesh to make it look smooth. (Saves my graphics card a headache). I’m re-rendering a few tests now with the photon blur chagned.

That worked fine, i’m gonna up the caustics again with teh blur to see some results, but at least all the little white spots are gone.

Thanks guys