Caustics Problem

Im having a real problem with getting a caustic look to my glasses or anything transparent

any one have a good way to do this with the new version of blender?


I’ve seen caustics faked in Blender by using an extra lamp (normally a spotlight) with a texture mapped to alpha. (I used a distorted noise texture, IIRC, and it worked pretty well.) Hope that helps.

Real Caustics are supported in Blender ONLY when using Yafray as the render engine.

Not so. Almost any RAYTRACER will do it. Blender doest take light refraction into account, but a raytracer such as yafray, sunflow, indigo, POVray, whatever will do it too.

However, I suggest yafray if you’re inexperienced.

To get cuastics with yafray, point a PHOTON lamp at an object thats transparaent or reflective. Or, you could enable GI, wich renders cuastics according to your lighting setup. Works with Area lamps, and emitting objects I think.

Sorry for the confusion, I didn’t phrase that statement correctly. :-/