Caustics Test

It seems like it been a billion years since Ive posted something on this site. In fact if I remember this right the last time I posted on this sight it was still
I just downloaded Blender a day ago and Im trying to get used to every thing again.

I can barely see squat with refracted light effects, is this intentional.

add more photons in in the photon light source so like +000

yeah more photons would help, but increase that render time. Currently it looks like this is some pretty dense glass with only a “hint” of caustics on the left and right objects.

edit-also, i know this is a caustics test, but your floor is a bit warped where it meets the walls.

I want see this with no squart …
Anyway if you look at border wall you see the “solid” effect
I suppose will look better with smooth :wink:

Mmm… Blender, caustic… photons… what are you talking about guys??? :eek:

photonlights are for this caustic effect . you need yafray for it
here´s an example


You should use the “Edgesplit” modifier on the cylinder, its going to make the edge of the top and bottom faces sharp.

Yes, I know what caustics are, thank you, I thought I had missed some new SVN features in Blender :smiley: because no one mentioned Yafray…