Cavalry, a rising new After Effects competitor

Interesting article about Cavalry, a rising new After Effects / Apple Motion competitor:

Cavalry site:

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I wish the VSE would focus a bit more on easy motion graphics creation instead of video editing.


I think a behavioural animation system with Grease Paint in 3d would be fantastic. I’m sure Everything nodes will deliver this.

Since switching to the PC I only miss Apple Motion and Cavalry feels like a natural successor to it. However, logging in when you use the App feels like it’s going to be Subscription based. I wish them well but I don’t like Subs.

I asked them if it would be Subs only and no one got back to me.

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Exactly my sentiment.

It sure looks that way. I’m afraid there’s no PSD import option yet though, which would be a major bummer.

Me neither. Just looked at an AE sub again, and I really don’t feel like paying more than $20 a month forever to rent my software and never own it. Apple Motion has a one-time $49.99 price tag, which is fabulous. I believe I even bought it for $39.99 a number of years ago.

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I feel like we could do all the features shown in their website. All we need is better preset system

I agree with the VSE - while some use Blender for motion graphics it just lacks all the layer/effect tools AE has and what still makes it so good.

The installer for Cavary is just 56 MB INSANE !!!
How much is AE ?!

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Probably at least 30 times larger, including all Adobe subscription licensing bloatware. :slightly_smiling_face:

I only toyed with it during one night but it seems quite promising.

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I was almost ready to apply for the beta until I saw this:

Launch Date

We’re targeting July 2020 to release Cavalry 1.0.

Pricing options

We’re launching with two pricing options. A free version designed for getting to know Cavalry, ideal for students or hobbyists, and a paid version for professional use.

We’re acutely aware that subscription services are a polarising topic but having listened and carefully considered all aspects of the project we strongly believe the ability to offer regular updates means that we can better fulfill our ambition to provide the best 2d animation software on the market.

  1. Free — fully-featured but with restricted output options and its own file format.
  2. Paid — £16/month (pay annually) or £20/month (pay monthly).

We’re also planning options for site/team licenses but they will follow after launch.

No perpetual license.
“You love your work don’t you…would be a shame if you can’t open your file if you don’t pay us for a month/year to move that element just one pixel higher and click render again…sure your work is yours…you just can’t edit it that’s all.”


Well that just sucks…
If they would adopt the same license option as Affinity they would take allot more people from Adobe i think.

Also, why would i pay €22,34 (£20) monthly if i can get AfterEffects for €24,19 (£21,66) monthly?
AfterEffects is allot better known, more tutorials, Assets etc…


Yeah, this is disappointing. I hoped they would go for the Affinity approach: much more affordable than Adobe, and no subscription drama.

The only After Effects competitor that does offer the Affinity approach is Apple Motion, but that’s only available for macOS. :neutral_face:

I still think Blender should focus more on motion graphics creation, via the 3D view or the VSE.

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The only subscription drama people should have is Netflix…because it is ACTUAL drama.

I still think Blender should focus more on motion graphics creation

According to myth and legends, everything will be fulfilled with everything node.
If you look at how people throw everything node is the answer to everything here…you might actually believe it will bring about World Peace.


it seems failed before started… :slightly_frowning_face:

That was clever.
Better would have been,
“No perpetual license.
Sod off should you not want to be my atm/bank machine.”

I dislike the subscription model for anything I might need to come back to. I keep hard drives of data for this purpose: programs in old states with old data; only they are willing to ‘get along’.
Future artists/users are going to have to figure out how to deal with this extortive model.

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May I do not understand, I pay for 2 month then stop paying cant use the software until I start paying again?
If yes it is really like Netflix, if I don´t need it at moment stop paying.
No contract for a year or something, fine.

Cheers, mib

What’s missing is the R&D that might be done in preparation for a job. Testing to see that the app will do as proposed for a task.
Interactions with a program aren’t machine-like.
Netflix - show me what you have, though it may not be what I want.
An artist doing commercial work - not as easily defined.
It’s not as cut and dry as you make you.

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I think they are dreaming when they try to compete with Adobe AE price here.