Cavalry, a rising new After Effects competitor

Interesting article about Cavalry, a rising new After Effects / Apple Motion competitor:

Cavalry site:

I wish the VSE would focus a bit more on easy motion graphics creation instead of video editing.

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I think a behavioural animation system with Grease Paint in 3d would be fantastic. I’m sure Everything nodes will deliver this.

Since switching to the PC I only miss Apple Motion and Cavalry feels like a natural successor to it. However, logging in when you use the App feels like it’s going to be Subscription based. I wish them well but I don’t like Subs.

I asked them if it would be Subs only and no one got back to me.

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Exactly my sentiment.

It sure looks that way. I’m afraid there’s no PSD import option yet though, which would be a major bummer.

Me neither. Just looked at an AE sub again, and I really don’t feel like paying more than $20 a month forever to rent my software and never own it. Apple Motion has a one-time $49.99 price tag, which is fabulous. I believe I even bought it for $39.99 a number of years ago.

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I feel like we could do all the features shown in their website. All we need is better preset system

I agree with the VSE - while some use Blender for motion graphics it just lacks all the layer/effect tools AE has and what still makes it so good.

The installer for Cavary is just 56 MB INSANE !!!
How much is AE ?!

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Probably at least 30 times larger, including all Adobe subscription licensing bloatware. :slightly_smiling_face:

I only toyed with it during one night but it seems quite promising.

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