Cave Blend

Hello there :slight_smile:
I am somewhat new to Blender, and am needing some advice on fixing on a problem while busy with a model of a cave.
I have created the cave and have just finished making Stalagmites and little mushrooms that grow on the floor. I am having problems with the mushrooms particles as they do not want to show properly in the cave where I have weight painted. They are currently only showing the top of the mushroom “dome”, and not the stem. I have enabled “rotation” in the particle system panel, and tried to put initial orientation to all possible options, but none of them seem to show the proper mushroom, they are showing too deep into the ground. Please view my screenshot of them, looking forward to some advice!!


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Is the origin of the mushroom object at the base of its stem
If your cave object has any modifiers that distort its geometry such as the subsurf modifier, ensure the particle modifier is below it in the modifier stack so the particles are applied based on the distorted geometry, not on the geometry pre-distortion

The origin of the stem was the problem. Thank you ever so much :smiley: :smiley: :heart: