Cave Explorer Blender 3D platformer update

Cave explorer is an obstacle based plat former.
I have almost finished the first level tell me what you think.
I have four more levels planned a Ice cave, aquifer(under ground river), Egyptian Tomb, Mayan Cave.

You might want a sound warning or something when the rocks fall.

Looks very good. Are the wagons only obstacles or do you plan to let the player use them for a ride?

Sounds terrific. Can’t wait to see that. Don’t forget to post more videos when you’re ready. :slight_smile:

Thanks I haven’t gotten to sound effects yet but I will probably do that. I have actually been toying with the mine kart riding idea since I started I am not sure what obstacles or challenges I could make for it. I do plan on riding a raft in the Aquifer level. Thanks for the input.