Cave level test

New pictures:

New video:

dang nabbit double post!


it a little dark. it would be helpful if you posted some brightened screenshots, purely for critiquing purposes.

although from a standpoint of general mood and feel, it looks really awesome. good work!

Thanks. Guess I’ll have to tweak the overall lighting then if I don’t wanna ruin the mood. On the other hand, I recorded another video where I slightly raised the amount of mist which lightens quite a bit. It’s uploading to Vimeo right now.

ok. another thing you could try is also just adjusting the lightness level with photoshop or gimp before uploading.

either that, or add some creative light sources, like maybe a hole in the ceiling with some fake lightbeams, or maybe give the “player” some sort of lantern.

Yeah, I had a flashlight variant. Maybe I’m gonna make another vid with that again. Lightbeams would be nice actually. Well, well, let’s see what time and motivation brings.

After photoshopping the images to actually SEE SOMETHING, it looks pretty good, but you know dark/black is not the same as moody atmosfere, its all about contrasts. Not everyone likes to end up blind after playing pitch black games, or play using notebooks witch seem to make brighter everything. I’m just saying.

I fully agree.
I guess it’s just my monitor being too bright because I don’t have any problems at all to see something having no totally black areas at all. Think a little emit to the rock material will do. Thanks for the input.

Edit: Hmm, did a quick est with some emit on the material.
This is still too dark:
While this is much too bright with emit just slightly increased:

Mmm… maybe instead of using Emit adding an hemi light?, or leaving the emit then adding a black mist. Anyways now I can see the cave with only ramping up brightness on my computer to the maximum (I got to admit that I’m using an old CRT monitor =P).

I don’t think it’s just the monitor, if you are still interested you might want to try downloading the video from Vimeo if you have an account, but it’s 186MB. Don’t know if it’s worth the effort on your side.

quite amazing! :smiley:

Thanks. :slight_smile: Reworked the lighting and the textures and uploaded a better quality video. Still a tiny bit too much contrast after the upload.

Edited the OP with new pictures.

Way, way better.
Sweet scene.