Cave Puzzle Game For Competition

I’m making a first person puzzle game for CDN Speedgame 2010. It has to be finished by August 30 to qualify. My goal with this game is to write the majority of the code first, and as quickly as possible, then use the remainder of my time to polish the graphics. This is my third Blender game, so it shouldn’t be too difficult.

Story: Your 3 explorer friends go missing so you go into the caves and look for them.

So far I have the basic design of the game sketched out. Last night I built 1 of the 4 puzzles and got it working and set up my camera with movements.

Update: All the maps and puzzles are built, so you can play through the game, albeit without any graphics. Most of the story sequences are also scripted in.

No screenshots to post yet, but development should move quickly.

5 days left.

awesome! will follow this!

Thanks, I hope I can finish it.

I updated the player so that he can move, freelook, and have a use key. All 4 maps are built (roughly) and the puzzles are fully designed and basically implemented. There’s still not much to show but here’s a few screenshots:

All the logic is now implemented, although there’s still a good bit of refining to do. The story scenes all need to be scripted in, so I’ll either work on that tomorrow or start on graphics.

Well I had a bit of an emergency Monday but it’s cleared up. Here’s some texture and normal mapping work.

Looks nice! Can’t wait to see this done.

Thanks, you’ve just got 12 days to wait :wink:
I got a lot of texturing work done on the first puzzle. I’m still not completely happy with it so I might come back if there’s time when everything else is done.

I’m almost done with texturing now. After that it’s mostly just animations and sound. Unfortunately I go back to school on Sunday so I may not have as much time to work.

Looks GOOD so far!!

So I finally got some time to work on it tonight and textured this guy:

My goal now is to complete the game as quickly as possible and then add enhancements like sound and animations as I have time.

Well I finished it. Go here to see the finished project: