Cave Test

This is just a test, tell me what u think :smiley:

and c & c please :slight_smile:

look very good, some suggestion:

-I would make the “rock” a bit more bumpy…I don’t think it would be that “flat” in a cave…maybe I,m wrong :S
-I would slow the movement of the camera (if they are persons walkign with flashlight…they are walking very fast :wink: )
-Try adding more softness to the spotlight (tweak the SpotBi slider)

Good modelling on the cave!

Thanks, it is not a man walking, it is juat a small thingy flying aroung the cave, and the spot light thing is very soft at the edge but the halo make it look solid, i will try to turn the halo off and let see if it look better

…it took ages to render all that btw (3 hours) :stuck_out_tongue: thanks