Cave Troll WIP

(nerddogs) #1

I’m finishing up listening to the audio books (I’m not lazy I just have a long commute) of LoTRs and was inspired to try to retexture and maybe finish the cave troll I started last December. I trashed everthing but the head and slapped some different textures on it. I don’t like the teeth and the bottom lip needs work in the texture department. What do ya think so far?

(blengine) #2

looking pretty nice!
the eyes dont really ‘fit’ in those sockets
mouth is nice, front teeth a bit too round n soft for my taste…
good textures and lighting =)
good luck on making the rest!

(S68) #3


Skin and head modelling is great.

Eyes are less great :slight_smile:

You modeled sockets as in a snake, horse or, anyway, an animal with large peripheral vision rather than binocular (This might very well be how trolls are :slight_smile: ) but eyes are pointing forward as for a creature with binocular vision (humans, eagles, cats…) This might be funny

Theeth are nice, IMHo, it is probably the mout around them which is too low poly?

Keep it up


(Bapsis) #4

Not bad at all!!! :wink:

I definatly couldnt mistake it as anything else, it looks quite a bit like the one from the movie. As far as suggestions go, what i would have said has already been stated, so i’ll just give praise!!! :wink: Good work mate, keep it up, and i look forward to seeing your advancements with it. :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!