Cave Troll

OK here is a render were a dwarf is trying to lure a cave troll out of his cave. I have two pics 1 is with an effect and 1 is without an effect. i Personally like the 1 without the effect


Ok, first, which is the dwarf and which is the troll?

Things that could improve:

The bridge is quite smooth and could be considered toony…maybe try for more sharper wooden boards.
The stones could use a normal map.
Bend the troll’s legs a bit. (I’m assuming he’s the dude in the hole)

Things that are really good:

The stone wall and opening. :slight_smile:
The bright light coming from the outside. Nice effect.
Good work on the water.

Good work overall, and like, I’m being really picky with my crits. If you’re done with this render, then that’s cool.

Happy blending :smiley:

Thanks for comment

Looks very nice! Good to see the finished product after following the WIP. I like the one without the effect better as well.

ya i through the effect out there to get a look that it was not a real time but a photo painting or something.