Cave Vampire Creature

Sculpted with blender. Simple Cycles materials. Don’t quite know where to go next with the sculpt. Maybe it’s almost ready to be combined into a single mesh and then Zbrush fine detail -> Retopo -> Bake normals -> Substance Painter. Any suggestions? Comments?

Especially helpful comments on anatomy would be welcome. Where are the weak points, what is ok?

Here’s a bit more helpful screenshot to see it better:

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cool model. nice definition of the muscles.

After retopo, baking and some Substance Painter work, this is what I got right now.

Really should have retopoed the eyes differently. The sculpt is only half finished, especially the talons on the feet. Mouth can’t open, no teeth. But I want to make a finished model and can’t fool around in one phase forever, unfortunately.

Now just to finish the skin, talons and eyes. Then rig, skin and animate it.

Hopefully you take this critique well:

The neck seems to become way to thick at the bottom. For his size build, he seems to have too much neck muscle. The top of the shoulder is super defined. Even on the most muscular guys I googled, that muscle doesn’t crease that tight, I would blend the crease out as it approaches the top of the shoulder. The calf muscle looks weird too. It looks like a really short super muscular calf on a chicken bone.

Overall I can’t tell if he is meant to be muscular, or skinny. I feel like hes supposed to be skinny, but a lot of muscles/creashes are exagerated. Another example, is he muscular in the stomach, or is that his rib cage?

The back view shows a really exaggerated spine, so I assume he is supposed to be skinny, but you have a big crease going from spine out to the shoulders. It reads to me as a muscle but again on a skinny character…?

You have a buttcheek crease well below the actual buttcheek, which his buttcheek actually doesnt exist. Round out that a**.

Back in Blender after some texturing work. Also did some Photoshop post compo.

@adam450: yeah, the neck is not finished. The tricep is too defined. I think the calf is ok, not perfect but decent enough. He’s supposed to be both muscular and skinny. Many of things are exaggerated. There are half stylistic choices and half my lack of knowledge in proper mammalian anatomy.

It’s not supposed to be 100% human anatomy. I’m satisfied if it looks half right, while giving off some emotion that the viewer can appreciate.

It’s entirely from imagination. I certainly could use a lot more reference to make it more realistic.

The buttcheek is a stylistic choice. Many games have similar monsters that don’t really have any butts at all.

All in all, this project is about going through the process of building a model, even with many flaws. Thanks for the crits.