Hi guy, this is my last project on Blender 3D. I hope you’ll enjoy, critiques are welcome :B

Samples: 5000
Render time: 14:50 hrs

Well, you followed the Tutorial nicely. Maybe you could give the image a personal touch?
technically it looks pretty good but 14h render time is a bit heavy. What PC do you have?
The only thing you should maybe change is that the glowing stone in the forwground is a bit too bright.

Good job, but I would move the glowy stone or change it’s brightness like @KarimEich said because it draws your attention to the side of the image, which isn’t where it should be.
Additionally, I’d recommend stating that you followed a tutorial. I wouldn’t claim to have created a work when in fact you did it through a tutorial.

Thanks for the tips guys! i’ll change some things

Yes, you’re right, in the next time, i’ll post with the tutorial and artist name, and sorry me about my bad english :b