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Caveman Stories

Steam Page:


In Caveman Stories you control a Caveman who, at the beginning of an ice age, got lost from his tribe and now must fight to survive and find a way back home. You will not want to miss this adventure!

Something is causing the world to become cold and covered by “white dirt”. For us, it’s easy to recognize and survive in the snow, but for the cavemans who have never experienced this before, it can be a big challenge!

Some Screenshots:

Of course, you can see a lot more on the Steam Page. :D.

Steam Trailer:

Gameplay Trailer:

Made with UPBGE 0.1.8. :slight_smile:

(adrian120396) #2

AWESOME! Congrats!

(Fred/K.S) #3

Very impressive im already hyped bro :smiley:


(Nicholas_A) #4

^^ bro no need to quote the entire op. :joy:

(MichelleSea) #5

How long was this in development, and with what size of team? It looks great!

(Nudiventra) #6

Great, keep it up!

(Uniday Studio) #7

Hello guys!

I posted the english version of the trailer in my channel! Check it out:

Answering some questions:
I started the development of this game on early 2017, in my University, spent about 3 months developing them until I finished a closed release (to present in my university). Them, I stopped the development and returned working on in dec/2017 (and I’m developing since them). I’m creating alost everything alone. I’ve Eric Bergamo in the team (Uniday Studio) that created the soundtrack for the game. I also had some help of two friends to figure out the story (when I started the development).

Thanks for the feedback!! :smiley:

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The game is on Blender Nation! :smiley:

Update: I’m finishing up some gameplay aspects and making some polishes + analysing people playing the game (play testers). I’ll publish a gameplay soon. (And remember: April 10 it will be available on Steam!) :smiley:

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Hey guys, new Updates: Finally a gameplay Trailer!

Caveman Stories - Gameplay Trailer:

Steam Page:

I don’t understand much the lack of feedbacks that I’m recieving here on BA… Anyway, any feedback are welcome! :smiley: I’m trying to release the game on April 11. If Steam aproves the final details until there, it will be awesome!

Thanks! :smiley:

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Hey Guys!

Now it is official: April 16 the game will be released on Steam (Early Access)!!
If you didn’t checked the syteam page, take a look:

The trailer, gameplay trailer and screenlshoots are all available there! :smiley:

Thanks! :smiley:

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Now it is official: Caveman Stories is available on Steam! (Early Access).

Note: How can I change the thread title? Can some adm change them to “Caveman Stories - Early Access on Steam!” ? Thanks! :smiley:

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Another Artwork!

I’ll post some artworks that I’m creating for caveman stories here to show you guys. :slight_smile:

For those that didn’t saw before, my game, Caveman Stories is available in early access on Steam! (100% made using Blender/UPBGE) Check it out:

(polygobblerr) #13

Congratulations on your game release! I haven’t played the game yet, but judging by the gameplay trailer, the game overall looks well done, with professional-level artwork, characters, smooth animation, and exciting gameplay. It’s immediately clear the game is about survival, using resources at your disposal to craft weapons and fend off mennacing predators. I can’t say much more in terms of gameplay and feel until axtually playing the game so I will update this post and make a more in depth review then. It’s great to see a game made in Blender on the steam marketplace!

(sarushan) #14

Congratulations on the game, it’s good to have a Brazilian representing BGE on Steam.:sunglasses:

(Fred/K.S) #15

Looks Guud im excited to play but i got no cash man :sweat_smile:
All the best and keep it up Uniday Studios is doing Amazing things in BGE/ UPBGE !!!

We need more people like you :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


(Uniday Studio) #16

Hey, thanks for the amazing feedbacks, @Fred_K.S, @polygobblerr and @sarushan !

Here is two interesting screenshots for you: The first one shows the game in an early stage of development (probably during the first month), when I was making the blocking for the map and testing stuffs.

And finally,something that I’m herry happy with: A screenshot for the game this week, showing some stuff that I’m still developing to include in an Update for the game on Steam!

I’m also fixing and implementing a lot of suggestiongs that I’m recieving from the comunnity, so feel free to write any feedbacks that you want! Thanks! :slight_smile:

----- EDIT
Note that I added some vertices to the head of the character to make them less “squared”. :laughing:

(Fred/K.S) #17

It looks F*cking AMAZING and it looks really Polished!

(alf0) #18

wow this is so much awesome man

(alf0) #19

wow this is so much awesome man

(Mistran) #20

Congrats!..this game looks realy great.
…I would, and it’s just my opinion, i’d change that health indicator … heart yes but i’d make them flat without shading and maybe just white or darker red…these shaded hearts, disrupt the overall hud 's design…according to me.