Hello nice people,
I just managed to call this one finished before hitting the stage of being super- selfcritial and deleting everything :wink:
It started as a sculpting- exercise on a regular human basemesh, basically just playing with the proportions. Finally i got something i really digged and decided to build up on it, refreshing my rusty particle- system skills :slight_smile: I kinda forgot to gamma- correct the render, but it came out pretty ok. Maybe the tonal- range is a bit off. I’m too lazy to make a scene to put this character into. I guess he will have to deal with that. I would like to hear what you think about this one :slight_smile: What do you like? What do you dislike? It’s created mostly in Blender except for a human base and pp in Gimp. Happy blending folks!


This looks very nice, great anatomy, convincing character. Deleting it would’ve been a shame.
I have no critique except to quit being lazy and put it in a scene (if you want to) :slight_smile:

Hehe :slight_smile: Thanks for the feedback ToshiCG. You had a lot of motivating and kind words there for me! I’m not too thrilled about putting a scene around him. I only know that it increases the believability of character- art drastically :wink: I just think he would look a little nicer standing in some snowed in environment, but whatever. I mean i also didn’t use any depth of field on that one, even though it would be perfect to hide some weaknesses in my hair particle systems. It is just about the charcater himself i guess :slight_smile: and usually when a project gets big i tend to never finish it :frowning: , for getting lost in unimportant details and fiddling around with settings for hours. It’s just a personal limitation i guess :wink:

i like the styllization of the character, you should do a cave lady in that style, now that would be wicked…

Hehe nice idea @npm1! I actually considered doing a cavelady when i started this project :wink: but i went down the easier and also more stereotypical way i think :slight_smile: Maybe i will come back to do a character of this type again. If so, it will be a lady :slight_smile: Sounds like a nice challenge… Thx for your feedback!

Nice fuzzy furry effect, my only issue was the lack of weight on the lifting foot. His hand is balled into a fist suggesting power but his right foot isn’t splaying the toes to demonstrate thrust or lift. If I was walking around on bare feet all day I expect that I might treat my feet more like hands and be very tactile with the surfaces I stand on.

Otherwise it looks great… standing in a cave. See you did do an environment :wink:

@3pointEdit Damn man you spot everything :D. I agree that something is off with his feet! On the other hand i didnt want to have a lot of weight on his right foot, so this is intentional however the left foot looks also a bit too soft to support this massive guy, so you could argue that the balance is off. In the end i guess it mainly comes down to the lighting i did. It blows his feet out quite a bit. If the lighting wouldnt be so top- down i guess you would see more bone and tendon detail. Weighting a character correctly has given me headaches in the past however and in fact im struggling with the weight of a sculpt right now :smiley: I wil probably upload it soonas WIP or something. It is a wolf sculpture sculpt. But when i look at it i think: “Oh look who we got. It’s tipsy dog!”… Anyways when i upload the thing i would be most interested to hear what is off. Thank you for your feedback! Really appreciated aand happy blending!