Cavern Pellet Eater Creatures

Hey and hi,

I just finished my entry for Ludum Dare 48 #15. This was my first time entering the competition, and I think it went off rather well. My brain is totally wrecked, but it was a lot of fun and I’ll definitly be entering again in the future.

Download the Windows EXE here (16.1 MB)

My journal on LD48

Comments appreciated!


Thats pretty cool! The game is very well polished! What I’m wonding is how you made it so when you click on an object you are able to move it and place it where ever you want… That’s really good!

5/5 Stars :wink:

hey, I entered that competition as well! Though, I didn’t use blender… I used an awesome 2D engine,

Interesting game… although it seems easier to just bash the balls with the moving pieces than it is to make a complex sorting setup.

can you post the blend?
not everyone got windows

Yeah I’m going to make a mac runtime tonight. In the meantime folks can download

and stick it in the windows game folder to run the blend.

@Almost: Cool! What was your game called?

jplur: I called my game Cave Bounce, and submitted it under the username Almost.