CB Model Pro - free beta software

Has anyone seen CB Model Pro before? It’s a free beta download for a limited time I suppose. Software is for Mac / Windows.

Looks to be strictly modeling software, not animation.


I did a quick search and didn’t see any other postings on it, so I figured I’d share. I’m downloading it now to check it out.

Looks compact and cool so far.

…Number 6 of their license agreement:

“… 6. If you register with SolidWorks, the beta version of the CB Model Pro will operate indefinitely. Once the commercial version of the CB Model Pro is released, we expect it will contain significant enhancements over the beta version and we encourage you to review and purchase a license. …”

I’ll post what I think of it later.

Thanks for the link. :slight_smile:

Kids would like this. I like there “3d for all” concept, which harbors no age discrimination.
The software is very easy to use: No verices, edges or faces to mess with. No hierarchies. Just fun for youngsters with enough tools to keep 'em off of cartoons for a while. (Even a caveman can do it).:evilgrin:.

He he he. It’s like a teething ring for kids to learn 3D.