Cb rádio super star 3900

Hi guys!
I coming at here for show my last work.

Software: Blender
Render: Cycles
Post Produção: Blender Compositor
Resolution: 4k
Time render: 7hours

Some images more about this work, you can see in: https://www.artstation.com/lambertini

Thx for watch !


very nice job! love these kinds of technical renderings and the final result and color grading with a sort of vintage look!
not sure if you wanted to recreate it as a “perfectly new out of the box” model… but maybe you may want to add some surface imperfections (scratches and such) on the dials and buttons since it is an old/used device? also the plastic covers of the displays could use more reflective “glare” to make them more obvious … would like to see what a more used render would look like :wink:

Hey Crazychris, thank your comment, yes, he is new, new out of the box, but it have some imperfections but they are very light you can see it in hight resolution