CB2 catalog photo-realism attempt

so, I am trying to replicate this image, from the latest CB2 catalog, which I picked because it had the fewest very difficult elements. I am doing this to practice interior scenes, wood materials, and rugs(!), but mostly to get experience doing realistic sorts of lighting and whatnot.

Working on replicating a scene from this catalog is great, because A) they write down the dimensions of most of the objects in the scene, so you don’t need to guess, and B) on the CB2 site, they put up nice high-resolution images of prints, rugs, etc, which are suitable for textures, and very easy to download and drop into the scene.


and this is what I have so far. Trying to do it quickly, but it’s taking longer than I thought, about 5 hours so far.

This renders REALLY slowly in cycles, this took 1 hour / 2048 samples, and it’s still very noisy. Anyone know how to speed up interior scenes like this?

edit: I know the rug looks really strange, consider it a placeholder for now. Also, I realize there are problems with the windows, and the table glass has too high of a roughness.

what I have so far, added credenza, beer bottles, iPod dock:

e: I just noticed that the wire bits on the swingtop bottles didn’t come out right, somehow the bevel object became really tiny, dunno