CC-0 Procedural PBR wood shader with parameters

I gave a few classes at Cergy Pontoise University last month and made this shader as an exercise for procedural surfacing.

I’m making it available ( CC-0 ) :

It includes paramters for dust, with dust accumultion in grooves, stains, of course color variation, bump, scale…

I’ll try to update it with improvements, although I know a procedural wood shader isn’t new and there are very good ones available already.

It outputs PBR maps for the Principled BSDF node and displacement for microdisplacement.

Hope it can be useful to anyone!
Let me know if you see ways to improve it. I’ll probably upload to blendswap when I’ll be sure quality is up to a good standard.

Happy blending!


Thank you. Nice material.
Have you tested whether the rendering causes no problem (memory and CPU time), compared to a material that would use an image texture?

Merci. Joli matériau.
As-tu testé si le rendu ne pose aucun problème (mémoire et temps CPU), par rapport à un matériau qui utiliserait une texture image ?

@Jan0 thanks! Yes, it is a little heavier than a material with textures, but not to the point where it should be an issue at all.

Very nice, well done. Thank you.

@Elsdon thanks!
I’ve updated the shader with a few fixes, and here are a few more examples:

wow man… that is a hole other level!!!