CC Blender Logo

I just finished making a movie with Blender and want to have at the end a credit which says “Made with Blender” displaying the Blender logo. I need something though that is released under a Creative Commons license so that it can be used in my movie. Can anyone point me to one?

I noticed one released under CC0 on Blenderswap :

there is also thier original file on, just go to Legal, or somehting like that, thats where i got mine

There is a set on the svn

Here’s the link you need:

The link explains everything you need to know.

Just because a film is CC licensed, does not mean that all elements of it are.

Ie you might use a quote or excerpt of something that is copyrighted with a fair use intent, and while the work that that quote comes from is not CC, your new work can be rleaased uder CC.

Note that the blender logo is used in all of the Blender films, and it is not CC licensed, although the films themselves are.