CC (?) Licensed Room Scene

Hi Guys, I’m working on a design for a wooden wall clock in FreeCAD. My assembled design is pretty much finished, but I’d like to render an animation of the clock on a wall ticking away. I could just do something simple and place it against a plane with some lighting - job done, but a really nice solution would be to put it in a realistic room.

So that’s what I’m looking for: some kind of room scene - something contempary, well lit … a beautiful looking room. Does anyone know if there are any artworks or example .blend files available under an Open License e.g. Creative Commons?



I cannot post a link but go to blendswap and type room then go to the first result.It is licensed CC0 which means no neeed to even Credit them.(Although you should) and is made with cycles.You’ll have to make an free account to get 100 MB every week.