CC3D Project

I want to show you a project in which I am working.
Currently, I cannot say in detail. It will be an RPG game with an GLSL engine.

Here I will post some screenshots:
Click to zoom A little boat. :slight_smile:

I will post more images…

wow that looks awesome!!! I’m sure this will turn out amazing! You got talent man! :smiley:

Very cool man! The graphics are nice!
Only a tip… i can see that you Rasterizer use is so high ( more than 60ms ) you can try work a few in some graphics optmizations to this run more smooth
Keep Blending Man!

Thanks for the tip!
I don’t know how to make better graphics optimizations. (The scene runs at 14-15 fps on a Nvidia 8500GT)
I have tried make versions with less polygons, but I don’t feel a real difference.

Some days ago I searched for a method that makes the computer don’t process faces that are not visible. For example, faces that are behind a wall.
But I didn’t find anything.

I hope you understand my English… :slight_smile:

If you don’t want it to render objects that are behind a wall, then set the wall to occluder.

It works great. However there is something in the scene that is too complex. Maybe too many materials and textures.
I have now 16-17fps. :slight_smile:

One thing you could try is to make sure all your textures are under 1024*1024, and are a power of two.

Is that what that’s for? That’s awsome!!!

I feel like an idiot now…

Try use only 512x512 for difuse/normal/alpha/specular and one or two 2048x2048 for Lightmap…
but you need see your videocard too… Maybe your scene is right and your vga is too weak =/
What is your video card?

Occludder only is a good way if you really have so much objects behind the wall.
Occluder use so much processor so be careful with that.

Yeah you should definately be carfeul with occluder. It could end up making your game run even slower if you don’t use it right, or over use it.

Wow amazing art work!!
the graphics look superb any further comment would sound redundant so Gratz :wink:

great graphics!

Yeah optimization is hard, here are some more tips:

Using glsl normal maps is very expensive. I try to save those for things like characters, and don’t use them on large surfaces like walls or floors.

Lamps are expensive too, try to keep the number below 6 and reposition/adjust them with python based on where the character is.

Alpha maps also eat up the rasterizer

good luck!