Does anyone know the status on this project?

I personally thought it was dead, but then I saw that its wiki had been updated recently (spell checks only, but still). I have looked at the referenced PDF and it looks like it adresses many issues that the current subsurf has.

Anyone with insider info on this?

It was implemented for 2.37 now it has been even more improved with 2.40 adding things like the modifier system. It uses the exact same name as the old subsurf stuff so unless you are familiar with the internals you won’t notice a real difference asside from the blazing speed improvements.


Yes I have noticed the speed improvements, wich are great, but wasn’t there also plans on remaking (or enhancing) the crease system? Has it been done already?

Also the reference pictures seems less susceptible to distortion using tris.

Well he is currently not coding on Blender, I assume too busy with college, hopefully he will eventually find time to tackle the creasing stuff.


Ok so it’s on hold. That’s all I needed to know. Thanks for the heads up.

improved creasing would be great.

something i still do not understand is that a cube turned into a subdiv does not produce a perfect ball.

shouldnt that be the case?


It has something to do with math. I think it is impossible to make a perfect sphere from a subdivided cube.