CCTrevis - Trying to do some sculptures

just for fun… trying to get more skills in sculpture :stuck_out_tongue:

Just caught this thread CC. Your pooch looks great so far. I’ll be sure to keep an eye on this one.

Very good! I especially like the ears!

Hey, CC, nice start of a sketchbook with this sketch of the dog so far - don’t we all love dogs :slight_smile: Perhaps the next thing could be a cat - for the other half of the world :wink:

Hey guys,
Good to hear your comments again. I really need to improve my skills on this.
LOL Minoribus, how can I explain this but you must to stop reading my mind :eyebrowlift2:

I’m still working on it.

nice puppy :slight_smile: like the pose and expression, like he did something, and knows it was not nice, and now hopes noone notices… :slight_smile:

Hey Doris,
Thank you. In fact he is not finished yet but when I saw him again I noticed the same as you… LOL… It wasn’t my intention. By the way, when will you give us a sculpting class?:wink:

hehe, then try keep it, i really love this expression… :slight_smile:

oh, i don’t know. i mean i have done all the basic tutorials wes asked me to do, and a big course is in discussion, but, i don’t know when sculpt cookie will launch really… be assured i will let you all know! i am so excited about this :slight_smile:

Hey CC where have you been man. And, here I thought you were taking a well deserved rest since ‘The Drive-in’. Doris is certainly the go to lady when it comes to sculpting alright.

I was wondering if you have tried the new ‘Krita’ 2.8 I believe it is and there’s now a Windows version, with installer, which is smooth as silk on Windows 7. Not having a tablet I’m somewhat limited in what I can do but it’s a fun break from Blender anyway.

Hope you and the family are doing well. The newest sculpting effort looks nice. Now I’m on the way looking for the Doris Tutorials. Later, theoldghost

LOL… me too Doris. I’m looking for videos on internet which helps me get some improvement but organized class is always welcome. I hope I’ll get some skills with your lessons. :RocknRoll:

Hey OldFriend,
Good to see you here too. Yeah, Kirta had a huge improvement and of course I’ve downloaded it and installed it here but I’ll test it tomorrow. I’ve some limitations in 2D computer-aided design but this is a challenge that i’ve to get over.
I have some skills in traditional drawing but you know, it’s better to follow the evolution of life.

offtopic - OldGhost, have you noticed that icon looks like Roy :RocknRoll:???

In respect to Krita I was checking some basic tutorials out last night. And, I like this old gal since she doesn’t attempt to impress but simply tries to teach.

CC some on here have no problem with the small Bamboo Tablets which are the cheapest here in the US. Although the working area is only about 4 X 6 inches. It is painfully obvious to enjoy Krita I need a tablet.

CC that icon is the great American film star WC Fields. :slight_smile: So Roy looks like him! LOL Is it me or has your English gotten much better in the last few months. Kudos. I have no second language and English is still a struggle at times. Well I hope you enjoy Krita. I plan to since it’s more in line with training I had years ago. Tell the family hello from the Commonwealth of Virginia. theoldghost