CD Cover

I’m working on a piece for a gospel group and it’s called heaven’s most wanted. I’m really wanting to do more with the scrolls, but I can’t think of a texture to add to them, they are suppose to look like gold, but I have to keep them lighter so when it goes to 4 color it’s not too dark. I’ve not trimmed out for the size of the cd case yet but thought I’d post these roughs. the top image is the cover and the bottom is the back. I have to leave space for my type and the production company’s tagline and legal jargan on the back. They are just now going to studio to record so I got a couple weeks to spare before I need to present it.
btw this is a non cycles project.

You can still make gold texture. Just make text engraved to it.

Check this tutorial out it might be to your liking. Its about making a gold ring but instead of using a ring you use it on your parchment object instead. It will make it look a lot more realistic. You can just tweak the colours to fit your taste if you think it turns out to dark though gold is quite light in colour.

In the tutorial he is using hdri images. Though instead of searching the Internet for images you could e.g take a picture of your church then you would have your (the group) church in the parchment reflections. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of creating a real hdri picture you could just fake it in gimp by adding one of the fake hdri addons available it will do the trick :slight_smile:

Thanks for that!

did some tweeking added papyrus parchment texturing and bumped it a bit. but now that font has to go lol! ain’t that the way!

1st front 2nd inside 3rd back, looks like I need to do some lighting corrections

You need to improve the typography so that it’s not just flat letters. And you might need to overlap the visual elements to make good use of the space.

Right now … and I honestly don’t know how to politely pull any punches here … what you’ve got looks cheesy. In particular, it looks perfectly flat. It consists of numerous visual elements that are relatively monotonic: these things will be extremely difficult to print. You badly need a strong alpha “anti-aliasing” of all elements, far more intensive than you might now suppose. The whole design needs to be put as soon as possible through some actual printing “pre-flight” software which will accurately show you how it will actually look in print.

There are “boxes full of broken dreams” in the closets of many a group that could sing well but that couldn’t sell copies of their self-produced CDs. They scrimped on the artwork. Go to a record store (if you can still find one… :spin: …), and look at the CD covers that catch your eye, buy some, and then visually tear the designs apart. Even though the product that is delivered by any CD is of course “sound,” the product that is purchased is two 4x4 inch pieces of graphic artwork and nothing more.

:frowning: I don’t know how much opportunity you have at this point to re-think the entire concept of this project … up to and including the name of the thing … but I’m going to cautiously stick my neck out here and say quite frankly that I would scrap everything that I see here, go back and dig deeper somehow. I don’t mean to offend you; really, I don’t. I don’t know what the album should be or what it should be titled … but, and only IMHO, “this isn’t it.” This isn’t going to sell beyond a handful of family and friends.

they don’t sell they’re cd’s, and I have no input on the name of it. I don’t mind a hard crit, but you go too far, crit the art, that’s why it’s posted here, so it can be tweeked.