CD-drive is slow or won't work at all

Sorry, I’m not sure where to post this…

I have this problem with my CD-drive. It is ridiculously slow, and gives errors when accessing CD’s or it’s just slow. It sometimes manages to install the program on CD, but usually it takes a long time, or it starts giving errors. Maybe the “reader”(I don’t know what’s it in english) is dirty or something… This hasn’t been cleaned for like, long time.

Or if you could come up with an alternative solution to transfer programs from my old computer to the new one… Old one’s CD-drive works but games won’t, so…

I would be very happy if someone answers. Thank you.


Dirty readers give this kind of crap (had it on my old pc). If cleaning the head with specialized material doesn’t help (helped on my old pc), reïnstall the hardware. If that doesn’t help I’d buy a new one. The prizes now aren’t worth all the troubles you get.

Okay, i’ll try to clean the head. If it doesn’t work, I’ll try to find an alternative way to get programs from my CD-s on the computer… But I think it might be it, because it just takes an eternity to load everything…

This because I was just about to buy a new game…

EDIT: hmm, is there any alternative way to get games in my new computer from a CD? I have old computer.

you won’t like my answer probably but hey,

open up your computer cases and swap the cd drives…

Hit it with a big hammer, and add a new drive :slight_smile:

I’ve had this exact problem with two dvd drives in windows before, don’t know if it might be the same.

Your cd drive might be using the incorrect transfer type. I’m not at a windows pc at the moment, so I can’t give you exact directions, but I’ll try my best. (You might want to take a moment to prepare yourself for some very vague intructions.)

Go to your hardware devices list. Look for something like IDE/something. Look at the properties of the devices under that heading. Make sure that everything uses “DMA if available” and not PIO. If you set it to DMA and it resets itself to PIO, select PIO, press ok, restart and then select DMA.

If this helped you, great. If it didn’t, sorry for making you read that incoherent babble.

(I think I found this fix long ago by reading the troubleshooting guide on the Warcraft3 cd)

Hmm, no it didn’t help, but thx anyway.

But is there any way to get CD-games from our old comp to our new comp? Without CD’s of course.