CD for Blender 2.3 Guide

(juliebread) #1

Hi all,

My most extremely cool library has a copy of the ‘The Official Blender 2.3 Guide’, and I just got my grubby hands on it today.

However, the CD is missing.

I looked around on, but I couldn’t find the CD contents. I assume they’re there somewhere… are they?

Thanks for reading!

(alabandit) #2

try a lot of has been moved to blender is also now moving over to a wiki so for the most up to date tutorials (offical that is)

Good luck

(Spin) #3

I’ll have to check out that Blender store. I hope there is a CD that I can download for a reasonable fee. Although I have a bunch of stuff, gathered from the internet stored in folders, non of that is organized.