cd player actuator in runtime

(d52477001) #1

Can anyone get the cd player actuator to work in a runtime? I works fine with me in blender but as soon as i write the runtime for it it doesn’t work. Any ideas of how to fix this?



(saluk) #2

Haven’t tried the cd actuator. I guess it doesn’t work in runtime? If you are using a dynamic runtime, try static; if you are using a static runtime, try dynamic. Remember with dynamic, you have to include the fmod.dll and python.dll with the exe. (I think fmod functions dont work right unless you use dynamic runtime, cd might be fmod function.)

(d52477001) #3

no tried that already. i tried both dynamic and normal runtimes with all the stereo options. I guess that it just doesn’t work then. :frowning:

(Blender_owl) #4

Use the game deployer instead of the Pub for putting together your exe. the cd aound thingy should work.
BTW how do you remember your user name?

(d52477001) #5

ok thanks.

there is actually some logic to the numbers in my name so its easy to remember :slight_smile: .