CD Portofolio with game engine. ?

Hi , i want to make a cd to show some of my stuff .

So i want to make something like a dvd where you click on an option an the cd takes you there.

Is it posible to do this with the game engine ?

How do i do the intro screen ? i mean like in a game where you choose the car or the level of difficulty.

And can this game (portofolio ) wich i will burn in a cd can be pop-upable ? i mean that just when the cd is inserted in the computer it pops up ?

CD pop ups are a topic for a different forum I would think. But sure you can make them with the right code.

If you do a search here, you may find a cd player someone was working on a while back, I think it was finished? But I dont remember.

I think you need to do some reading and learn how to use the GE before you go much further. You need to start at the beginning.

Good luck

Here is information on making the CD autorun:

It explains Windows and Macintosh systems.

Here is a tutorial that will teach you how to make a basic selection menu:

Do you want the menu to launch other Blender games or do you want it to launch external programs? To launch other Blender games, use the Game Actuator in the Logic Bricks. To launch external programs, you will need to use a Python script.