CD-R/RW write problem

(Rob) #1

Does anyone know if it possible to write to a CD-R/RW under WIN98 (first addition)?

I have just purchased a CD-R/RW and yes I have WIN98. It plays CD’s but I can’t write to it.

Thanks for any help.

Happy new year. I guess no one will reply for a while as you will all be at really cool wild parties :expressionless:

(Cativo) #2

Is Windows 98 supported by the burner? I have a memorex burner and Win 98(not SE), it works fine.(slow cause of usb 1.1)

(Grizzly69) #3

what CD burning software are you using?

(Rob) #4

B’s recorder GOLD
B’s Clip.

I’ve grabbed the latest versions from the WEB site.
I’ve also removed the burn plugin from windows, not before trying it, but it did not work. I’ve also tried NERO with another CD-R/RW and had the same problem.

Ive tried re-installing the driver as well.

Ive even gon as far as looking on the redhat web site to see if there are any linux drivers. A few years ago I hacked off a few GB from the harddisk and put redhat on. After a few months I decided that sysAdmin was not for me, and went back to windoz. If all else fails I might try linux again…