CD tower - Metal (design project)

I recently had to design a CD tower for storing CD cases for a class at university (I’m doing industrial design). Actually several designs were needed, this was my first and favourite one, comments are welcome!

I’ll post the other designs as well.


Hey Zsolts i am doing ID too. maybe we should talk some time :smiley:

ok this design reminds me of a chair somoen made at my university a number of years ago, it was basicly a spine, very human formed.

i like your one rather a lot, but think that the area where the cds are held (the wire U shaped pieces, could be played with a bit more. they do not need to be so uniform.

perhaps they start out small at the bottom, largest in the point of the design where the curve comes back on itself, then are smaller again towards the top.

right now its a 2d curve. when you get the interaction of 2x 2d curves thigns start to look amasing. the design becomes more difficult ot make (i must admit) but it also becomes more visually interesting.

but yeah i am liking it a lot, well done.


mhm, nice, clean and good quality, i like it ! Good job.

I also thinks it looks very cool. A bit retro I think, because it is so simple. Well done!
but one thing: I dont think making the spaces you put the CDs into parallel to Z-axe (is that spelled right? ) is a good idea. You should make them a little bit diagonal, so that the CDs dont fall out. And you shoud makes borders at the side, too.
Now it looks extremely cool in my oppinion, but you cant use it in real life, because the CDs would just slipp aside.

(excuse my english 8) its late^^ )

i like alltakens suggestion.

that is pretty much what I was thinking, but he said it first.
or just find a way to add another dimension of the curve. Maybe twisting it or leaning it to the side in a sinusoid type thingy.

Looks pretty good, but if you’re going to actually make it don’t they have CD tower models already?

[edit] I was distracted by the other comments in the thread and I forgot to mention how neat I think this design is. The sweeping curve is very very effective and eye-catching. I love how it’s all balanced. The design looks like it would be very nice to have in a room with some furniture to match it.

As for the modeling: You did a great job on this aspect too. I’m sure most of it was duplicating work but hey, you did it well :slight_smile: However, I noticed that the shelves for the CD’s seem to be slightly out of line toward the bottom of the curve in the portion where it stands away from the base the furthest. Its very subtle but I don’t think I’m seeing things.

As for the texturing and lighting, your minimalist approach highlights the qualities of the design and focuses your attention on the engineering and structure of the piece. Perhaps I’m sounding to snobbish here but I think its a valid observation. Nice work on both. :)[/edit]

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Kansas - its a class… there is no “making it” really. Alltaken might be able to back me up on this, but I don’t believe its a requirement that the finished product compete in the market place. That would be ridiculous. Secondly, just because a product like this already exists that doesn’t mean you can’t create a new design. Simple logic tells you that.

nice design… something to keep in mind… .
(you may alread account for it, just can’t tell from images)
the image with the cd’s in place: are the cd’s sitting naturally
(gravity/pivot points etc)
I made something similar and ended up spending quiet a bit of time
bending all the rings up so the cd’s were horizontal to the floor.
It’s amazing how a fraction of a degree can look soo wrong :slight_smile:

cd spline is thicker than the middle exagerates spacing between rings hence the slight backward tilt of some cd racks.

Alltaken: yeah I know, we did meet on IRC some time ago (last year): The “doing industrial design on exactly the opposite sides of the globe” thing :slight_smile: Actually I am interested on how other places teach ID, what sort of things you do, etc.!

The thing with the different sized metal pieces is a good idea, I’ll try it out. Although I wanted to make a CD tower that wouldn’t be too difficult to manufacture, even as it is there’s a lot of welding work.

Makenshi: yes, I’ve thought about that, but adding anything else to the sides would ruin the simple design, IMO. But if the user wants, he can place the CD’s diagonally, with the corner on the inside, this would prevent them slipping to the side:

Desoto: the whole rendering setup is minimalistic for 2 reasons: one you already mentioned (focus on the design), and the other is the fact that I was on a tight deadline :smiley: But yeah, anything else would distract the viewers attention from the design. Rendered with Yafray, btw.

Hehe, and of course there are CD towers in the market. Just because there exist, lets say chairs, doesn’t mean noone needs to design new ones. Otherwise everything would be so boring :slight_smile:

The class that this was done for focuses mostly on the artistic aspect of design. But there are other classes where the marketability of the assignments is also a requirement.

Zenitor: I’m not quite sure what you mean with the last sentence. As for now, I’m not going to make it physically (no time…), but thanks for the tips!

Thanks for the comments everyone, I’ll look into how I could develop it further.