CD (Updated 8/2/03)

I’ve been working on this for about 10 minutes… Figures, just tell me what you think…

Also, If you look at a CD, there’s this cool multicolored reflection. If anyone knows how I could get it like that, please tell me. Thanx.

Just Copy and Paste this…

8/2/03 - I remade it… More Comments are welcomed.

I’ve got to add words too…

i’m not sure about the multi-coloured reflection. you could try a material with several layers (parts? components?) and giving each layer a different reflective colour, or maybe just use the colour from the “Magik” texture as the reflection of the material.
for words, just uv-map them on.

…also, turn on subsurfs or smoothing or SOMETHING because most CD’s dont have such sharp edges (yesI can see them.)

keep it up! :wink:

Hmmm… i dont know if this will work, but for the ‘multi-coloured’ reflection, you could try the fresnel plugin…look for it in the plugin repository…or i think eeshlo has it somewhere

i remember someone making a cd a while back with a tut for it, and it had the multicolors