CeBIT 2007 - Blender is my workhorse

(thoro) #1


as some of you know, Blender is one of my main tools (and definitely my favourite one) at work. During the last few weeks I was preparing the press images and related stuff for this year’s CeBIT, one of the largest IT trade fairs.

I thought it might be interesting for some of you to see how Blender fits into my workflow.



My desk at work

Blender in Photo Retouching

I usually get pictures shot by our photographer and have to add or correct details. Sometimes it’s just a colour correction, but most of the time we like to magnify the inscription on the devices, add vivid displays etc. Because there are so many last minute changes, I tend to setup a simple Blender scene with the original photo as a background image and adjust the camera to be able to add my text objects and some planes for the displays. Doing it this way I can easily change my display texture, render again and paste the result directly into my image.

Click the images to view a full resolution version:

A Giant Render Job

My Marketing colleagues asked me for a rendered image of our new top product in 13000 x 8500 px. I thought about how to render it best (Blender’s limit is 10000 px) and remembered a new feature called Lens Shifting I found in the Blender 2.43 Release Log. Using this camera feature it was no problem to render it in 4 pieces - and here it is on our stand:

Giveaway Postcards

I also produced three postcards as giveaways - all of them contain rendered elements (the comic style polecat and the DECT telephone are not made by me).

Click the images to view a full resolution version:

Additional Stuff

I rendered an Erlenmeyer flask for our FRITZ! Lab (a download area featuring work in progress firmwares) in YafRay.

Click the images to view a full resolution version:

And finally, our website teaser graphic:

(PapaSmurf) #2

Wow!!! Someone who actually makes money using Blender!!! You got skills, man. Good job. Your blender workhorse really adds those finishing touches that makes those products look fabulous.

(JamesAmI) #3

Nice touch up work and renders.
Did you make the postcards in blender? Do you use InDesign/Illustrator too?
When I did print work, CS is all we used, They wouldn’t let us install blender… :frowning:
I like the flask, it looks like you have a great handle on lighting and composition.

(thoro) #4

Thank you very much, guys!

JamesAmI, I used Photoshop to layout the postcards - the product graphics are rendered in Blender. I currently don’t work with InDesign/Illustrator, sometimes I use Inkscape to make scalable graphics. Yeah, the flask was real fun - I admit that I was just waiting for some project to play with Blender’s fluids when I was asked to make graphics for FRITZ! Lab.

(ecgilboy) #5

WOW!! impressive work…A showcase of Blender capabilities…

(lubrio) #6

Excellent works! Congratulations.

(Alvaro) #7

great !


(andrewprice) #8

Fantastic! I found that really interesting, as I am just starting my own business using blender to make renders for businesses. Very inspiring!

Also, I read that the mobile has internet radio capabilities?? Is it available in Australia? Coz that’s just what I want!

(Cuby) #9

Wow! Fantastic stuff there! Good luck for the future.

(slikdigit) #10

hey thoro, that’s a lot of stuff! blender really is your workhorse.

(thoro) #11

Thank you, I’m glad that you like it.

redbyte, good luck for your business! I think we’ll start to launch the FRITZ! Mini in Germany and it needs a FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7170 to work with. Additional information will follow on our website (

(jc4life) #12

I’m more than inspired thoro. Thanks for the insight.

(cekuhnen) #13

now i get a bit confused.

what is 3d rendered and what is from the photographer?


(zikit) #14

I follow any posts in product/industrial design.
great work!
here is my recent work done in Solidworks and rendered by Blender
I work with the company ( for more than 10 years (all product design in their site is made by me- you can see it’s getting better by the years…).
Last render was done quickly for sales and as you see the Blender rendering was preffered above photograpy.

(gauravanim) #15

need to lot of learning from you

workin as blender animator in indiaHH

blender is get more n more in buisness now

(Tynach) #16

Wow! Excelent work! I too am a bit confused on what is rendered and what isn’t. It all looks real!

(Bart) #17

Hey Toro,

“Alter Schwede!” nice!

(BumpyMonkey) #18

Hey! You made it to Blendernation! :wink:

Nice job!

(BgDM) #19

Moved to the gallery.

Awesome stuff thoro.


(thoro) #20

jc4life: You’re welcome :eyebrowlift:.

I retouched the four press photos you see on top of the thread. On the left you can see the original photo. I added some rendered parts and got the retouched version you see on the right side.

zikit: Good stuff - I know how funny it sometimes is to look at the work I did a few years ago. So much is changing: experience, technique, style, tools.

gauravanim: It’s good to see that more and more people allover the globe are working with Blender. Thanks and good luck for the future!

Tynach: Me too :yes:. Sometimes I just need to add or change the inscriptions, sometimes I have to render the whole product because we are still waiting for prototypes. Good to hear how difficult it is to find the transition.

Bart: Haha! Many thanks and greetings, Eckhard!

BumpyMonkey: Yeah - I was quite surprised! Thanks.

BgDM: Amazing. When I wrote this thread, I wasn’t sure if this kind of ‘daily work’ would be interesting enough to post it here and now it is the first of my threads that made it into this forum’s gallery. This is very encouraging and I think I’ll get my ass up soon to post some personal works again… Thank you very much.